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Hydro Demolition

“By eliminating mechanical impact and introducing water, hydro demolition bypasses the mode of entry and potential damage from silica by preventing the creation of respirable dusts” 

Hydro Demolition is the technique used for the controlled removal of concrete from any physical structure using either High Pressure (HP) or Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jets. First developed in Europe it has gained worldwide acceptance as the preferred method for strategic concrete demolition, partial concrete removal and concrete scarification (scabbling) for a range of building structures.

Many public and private companies throughout Australia now recognize hydro-demolition solutions as the safest, vibration-free method for the effective removal of structurally “unsound” or “deteriorated” concrete in order to replace it with new concrete without damaging adjacent structures or the structural integrity of the surrounding concrete.
Ultra high pressure (UHP) hydro-demolition can strategically remove concrete from around embedded metals such as reinforcing steel, rebar, steel beams and expansion joints on a variety of structures such as bridges, tunnels, roads, dams and buildings.

At Hitech Industrial Services we continue to innovate and pride ourselves on delivering project specific solutions and we will always offer and advise our clients as to the best and most cost-effective way to achieve their desired outcome. We have a range of safety handgun solutions that can ensure precision cutting whilst our robotic systems belt through concrete at a mass rate.


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