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Vaccum Excavation
(Non Destructive Digging)

Hydro vacuum potholing, hydro vacuum excavation and non- destructive digging enable the safe excavation in target areas with a high density of utility lines, where traditional excavation services are too risky. Many councils and energy providers insist on using non- destructive digging.

Vacuum excavation is a preferred method to access underground utilities such as:

  • Electrical power, fibre optic & telecommunication lines
  • Water pipes and sewer lines
  • Gas and fuel lines
  • Fuel tanks

Using our hydro vacuum excavation solutions, the location and depth of utilities can be identified and exposed accurately with the minimum amount of excavation or disruption to services, personnel and the environmental.

Hitech has been engaged in a variety of infrastructure and construction projects to safely locate and expose underground services and excavate trenches, potholes and service pits.

We are engaged by:

  • Infrastructure & construction contractors
  • Local councils and government departments including public works
  • Utility & energy providers
  • Oil, gas and mining companies


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