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Cold Cutting (Abrasive)

An environmentally sound solution for cutting steel, composites and other surface materials, cold cutting is a cost effective and safer alternative to hot cutting, especially when there is the presence of chemical vapors or degassing. This form of cutting eliminates the need for degassing and therefore allows for the surface to be more expediently ready for rewelding. This is particularly useful for the cutting and preparation of structural steel, structural concrete , and tanks in holding facilities such as petrol chemical plants, or in other situations where flammable materials are stored and transported, such as gas storage tanks or pipelines. Hitech Industrial Services uses the latest remotely controlled water jetting machines to deliver Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water to the cutting head where an abrasive mixture is added for precision and safe cutting.

At Hitech Industrial Services we recommend the water abrasive suspension (WAS) cold cutting process with the aid of a water jet and sharp-edged abrasive material, such as very fine garnet sand . We have successfully cut high tensile -strength steel depths up to 30 cm thick and reinforced concrete up to a one metre in thickness. With a comparable output, the WAS technique is 2.5 x faster and requires less abrasive material than Injection Water Cutting.


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