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Building, Heritage & Property Structures

The types of materials used in buildings are diverse and sometimes complex, each having their own varied composition, durability and corrosion challenges. These may include:

  • Sandstone, brick or masonry deterioration due to brick expansion and exposure to the elements
  • Concrete deterioration due to the corrosion of the steel reinforcement
  • Surface deterioration of flooring’s and waterproofing challenges due to membranes and sealant breakdown

Our capabilities

Hitech works with consultants such as architects, structural engineers and other specialists to deliver solutions to repair deterioration’s to modern and heritage structures as well as deliver surface preparation on walls and flooring.

Utilizing their specialist knowledge and some 40 plus years of expertise in the field, Hitech’s capabilities in this area include:

  • Robotic surface preparation to remove the densest of epoxy coatings
  • Hydro-demolition using either high pressure or ultra-high pressure water jetting to remove deteriorated concrete and allow the steel reinforcement to remain intact
  • Delicate yet productive removal of sandstone, brick or masonry by environmentally responsible high-pressure water jetting


project wind farm concrete removal

Wind Farm

Hydro Demolition

The collaboration of robotic and hand lancing is a great demonstration of the effectiveness of hydro demolition. This project required the removal of concrete from a wind turbine base to a cut depth of 900mm.

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old and destroyed wall

Sydney Remedial Works

Surface Preparation

Hitech Industrial Services were required to provide specialized Hydro Demolition works of recent within Sydney to assist the Simpson Building Group

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cleaning bot

Sydney Fish Markets

Surface Preparation

Hitech was contracted to carry 3600m2 of surface preparation at Sydney fish markets.

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