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Policies & Certifications

For us, it’s about sending each of our team members home every day to their friends and family.

Our work can be dangerous but our rigorous training, constant onsite audits, inspections and communication have allowed us to maintain a lost time injury record that would be the envy of many companies. At Hitech Industrial Services we value the equipment that serves our clients and the people at the other end of our equipment are skilled individuals that we really need to be with us on the safety journey – it’s that simple and that important.

Health, safety, environment and quality

Hitech has been operating in an industry that has the potential for high risk since 1991. A standard behavioural safety programme for Hitech involves:

  • identifying key safe and unsafe behaviours
  • measuring the frequency of these behaviours
  • setting improvement objectives
  • giving employees feedback on the results of the measurements.

Operationally Hitech undertakes unannounced site audits/visits, a range of checklists and toolbox talks as well as the commitment to frontline communication and ownership for reporting and if necessary stopping when they believe that they are being exposed or aware of unsafe acts.

Environment Protection Licence

Hitech has undertaken works in marine parks, areas under coastal management and heritage areas and is conscious of the need for protection of terrestrial and aquatic ecology in its assessment of the site and project and also any threatened species and ecosystems that could be impacted.

Click below to view our Environment Protection Licence.

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Hitech Industrial Services has policies and procedures to support:

  • Safety AS/NZ 4801
  • Quality ISO 9001
  • Environment ISO 14001

Click below to download our Environmental, Equal Opportunity, Quality and Work Health Safety Policies

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hitech has a commitment to ensure that its executive and employees continue to seek to be good corporate citizens in all aspects of their activities. In particularly in the decisions and impacts, we make around financial, environmental and social areas of the businesses. Hitech Industrial Services specifically recognises the need to ensure that:

  • The Company conducts its business ethically through its values and ensuring that we treat all those we deal with fairly. That there is a total transparency of our Company policies and practices and that we adhere to high standards relating to work, health and safety.
  • The policies we have are specific to employees, directors and external contractors and all of these policies are clearly documented and communicated.
  • Our purchases and pricing decisions reflect community consciousness and awareness of social impacts
  • In the formulation of an employment policy the Company has been guided by the current national legislation. This means that we encourage openness, sustainability and respect for employees rights. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all workers as well as job applicants.
  • As a Company that represents a sector has a propensity for workplace injuries we will continue to support zero harm and the focus on providing each employee with the tools and ability to work in a safe environment.
  • The Company represents members that work closely in some environmental risk areas and we understand that its activities may affect the environment and communities. We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance and moving towards best practices in corporate sustainability.