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Marine Structures

Hitech has been involved in some of the most significant marine projects in Australia. Wharves, jetties and associated marine structures are subject to harsh conditions and there is an ongoing need for remediation work. Because these structures are high in demand as public and private spaces, there is a need to ensure minimal disruption to the normal operation which the process of ultra-high pressure water jetting will provide.

Our capabilities

  • Pile, concrete and steel reinforcement repair
  • Surface preparation of concrete (scabbling) to allow for the fresh application of repair compounds
  • The removal of rust and other contaminants on the seawall structure
  • Removal of barnacles without damaging the piles or structures
  • Deck penetration
  • Soffit repairs


john oxley ship

John Oxley Remediation

Industrial Cleaning

Sydney Heritage Fleet engaged Hitech Industrial Services to undertake some industrial high pressure cleaning in the boiler room

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bell bay remediation

Hydro Demolition of Wharf

Hydro Demolition

Remediation of concrete below a wharf meant that skilled water blasters were suspended via an access platform system to enable them to reach the deck soffit and beams.

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