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Our History

“ Hitech Industrial Services works at both the edge of technology and try to maximize the potential of every piece of equipment “ – Mark Turner

The history of the water jetting process of Hitech started back in 1991 when Mark Turner was made redundant from his job as a mechanical engineer specializing in new pump technology.

Mark found an opportunity to use his engineering skills to introduce ultra-high-pressure water jetting as a way to carry out hydro-demolition which was little known about in the early 90’s that began the history of Hitech Industrial.

Mark Turner began Hitech Industrial Services with a single reconditioned ultra-high pressure pump used for minor concrete repair work. 

Within two years he had convinced sceptics that hydro demolition was a safe and effective means of cutting concrete on large infrastructure and civil projects. He has never looked back- nor have those clients.

Today Hitech employs trained teams across the country and offers a large and diverse range of services like Hydro Demolition, Surface Preparation, etc.  and works in different industries like Civil, Marine, Mining, Industrial, Property and many more structures.

Mark Turner is still involved in the day-to-day business operations and many of those first clients are still using Hitech today. 

The team at Hitech are passionate about water jetting, the equipment and the sector, with Mark often invited to speak at conferences about the sustainability benefits of the trade.

Indeed, with sustainable construction methods under increasing demand, the future for Hitech looks as bright as its history.