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Brisbane Legacy Way

Project Details

  • Hydro Demolition
Another project for Legacy Way in Brisbane saw Hitech contracted to carry out 17,000m2 Hydro Scabbling. This involved two Ultra High Pressure units working out of elevated work platforms and scissor lifts.

More Projects

  • Brisbane Bypass Tunnel

    Hitech Industrial Services were contracted to carry out hydro demolition for the duration of the Brisbane Bypass Tunnel (Clem 7) project over a period of 2 years.

  • Western Sydney Main Water Exposure

    Hydro demolition via hand lancing was used to remove surrounding concrete in order to expose steel water main.

  • Gateway Bridge

    Hitech Industrial Services was contracted to remove concrete from expansion joints to a specified depth on the Gateway Bridge (Brisbane) in order to ensure the project was completed on time and avoid onerous penalty clauses for the main contractor.