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Increased productivity compared to traditional concrete deterioration methods

Ultra high-pressure hydro demolition increases the speed of concrete removal and surface preparation time which significantly reduces the typical construction project time. The productivity of a single Hitech robotic machine can equal that of up 10-12 conventional jackhammers, removing approximately 0.3 cubic metres per hour.

Reduced emissions and water reuse

When compared to traditional concrete removal and industrial surface preparation methods, ultra high-pressure hydro-demolition and water jetting (water blasting) minimizes noise emissions. The low impact of hydro demolition can accommodate a greater range of job-site conditions, including inclement weather conditions. Water used during the process can be filtered for reuse.

Ability to remove concrete and surface membranes in a variety of situations

Ultra high-pressure hydro-demolition, such as handheld lances and robotic machines can be utilized for horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete deterioration and surface preparation on reinforced and non-reinforced structures. Traditional methods have limited capability due to potential operator error and safety issues associated with inaccessible areas.

Superior surface bonding characteristics

Ultra high-pressure hydro-demolition scarification or scabbling creates a rough, irregular surface profile of exposed aggregate, providing a superior mechanical bond for repair compared to that of jackhammers or sandblasting. Independent “pull off” tests have shown the bonding strength is as much as 50% or higher than that of a surface prepared with jackhammers or other mechanical methods.

Eliminates concrete micro-fractures

Ultra high-pressure hydro concrete demolition is impact free, avoiding vibrations that can loosen reinforcing bars and cause micro fractures in sound concrete adjacent to the site of removal, affecting the integrity of the concrete slab or surface. Ultra high pressure and high-pressure concrete removal can utilise a range of pressures dependent upon the concrete or surface conditions.

Selective concrete deterioration

Ultra high-pressure hydro concrete demolition can be specifically targeted to specific sections of lower strength and deteriorated concrete, removing only unsound material and exposing rebar with greater accuracy than traditional demolition methods such as jack hammering.

Reinforcing bar is cleaned without damaging the structural integrity

Ultra high-pressure hydro concrete demolition can be specifically targeted to specific concrete sections exposing rebar ensuring the effective removal of rust and scale, leaving the rebar surface intact.

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