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Hydro Demolition of Wharf

Project Details

  • Hydro Demolition
Remediation of concrete below a wharf meant that skilled water blasters were suspended via an access platform system to enable them to reach the deck soffit and beams. Due to the demands of ship moorings and tides, it was imperative that there was minimal disruption to normal operations. The method of hydro demolition proved efficient and effective for this type of project.


More Projects

  • Gateway Bridge
    Hitech Industrial Services was contracted to remove concrete from expansion joints to a specified depth on the Gateway Bridge (Brisbane) in order to ensure the project was completed on time and avoid onerous penalty clauses for the main contractor.
  • Tugun Bypass
    Hitech Industrial Services was contracted to carry out hydro-demolition and ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting.
  • Port Botany
    Hitech was contracted to carry out Hydrodemolition on a rail beam at Port Botany Terminal 3.
  • Cockatoo Island
    Hitech Industrial Services was contracted by to remove areas of concrete that had been identified as suffering from concrete cancer at Cockatoo Island.