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Wind Farm

Project Details

  • Hydro Demolition

The collaboration of robotic and hand lancing is a great demonstration of the effectiveness of hydro demolition. This project required the removal of concrete from a wind turbine base to a cut depth of 900mm. The outer face being cut by the robotic aquacutter leaving the rebar intact and then extending the beams on the robot to reach the centre of the concrete base. Finally any shadow areas and excess concrete is removed by hand lancing.


More Projects

  • Gateway Bridge

    Hitech Industrial Services was contracted to remove concrete from expansion joints to a specified depth on the Gateway Bridge (Brisbane) in order to ensure the project was completed on time and avoid onerous penalty clauses for the main contractor.

  • Melbourne Wharf Deck Remediation

    As part of a remediation program Hitech Industrial Services was engaged to deliver hydro demolition services using both robotic and hand lancing methods.