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Concrete Cutting

 Hi Tech Industrial Services offers a variety of services and integrated solutions that deliver on time, accurate and cost effective results in concrete cutting and drilling. 

 Diamond Cutting Of Concrete

In situations where complete or partial removal is required without the retention of steel reinforcement for reconstruction, diamond cutting can be used.

Cutting is carried out using diamond tippet discs or diamond wire (cable with diamond beads).

Often a combination of diamond cutting to remove the bulk area is followed by hydro demolition to expose the steel for a lap length when reconstructing or adding to the structure.

The choice of equipment (Disc or Wire) will depend on the requirements of the contract or site.

 Benefits to Disc cutting include;

  • Reduced tool costs over wire
  • Only requires access to one side
  • Can flush cut
  • Gives a straight cut
  • Cost effective at lower cutting depths

Benefits to Diamond wire cutting includes;

  • Very low noise levels.
  • No limit to depth of cut.
  • Only requires 60mm core drill in the corners.
  • Much faster than track mounted saws.

 Diamond Sawing and Drilling

Our available equipment covers a wide range of cutting situations and rates of cut, enabling us to choose the right plant for the specific operation.

Plant Category

  • Hole cutting to any depth
    • Core drills 20 – 1500mm.
    • Circular and radial diamond wire, cutting up to 5000mm radius / 10000mm diameters.
  • Disc saws
    • Track saws enabling flush cutting vertically and horizontally.
    • Joint cutters / floor saw both self-propelled and ride on.
    • Hand held ring and chain saw.
  • Large and irregular shaped cuts
    • Diamond wire saws for fast cutting of any sized element in any plane, also able to be used in confined space. Both hydraulic and electric, manual and computer controlled.
  • Crushing and bursting
    • Hydraulic bursting heads for any size of section.

Hi Tech is often able to undertake all form of works, including specialist cutting jobs. We are able to combine diamond cutting and robotic or hand lance hydro demolition to give the most cost effective outcome based on the client’s needs.