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Northern Coastline NSW Marine Works

Project Details

  • Concrete Deterioration

Hitech was engaged to remove the concrete beneath a steel plate in a concrete dolphin, located on the coastline of NSW. Hitech needed to expose the reinforced steel pins without causing any damage to them. We successfully removed the concrete via handgun, with a two-man crew, allowing for repairs and reconstruction.

Extra flooring was also required to be removed along with sections of the concrete chamfer, due to cracks caused by ships docking. Encapsulation and filtration systems were put in place, by means of geofabric to ensure wastewater did not enter the ocean.

More Projects

  • Coastal Bridge Bearings
    Hitech were required to carry out hydro demolition of concrete to allow for the removal of two bridge bearings.
  • Sydney Jetty Works
    Hitech Industrial Services carried out Hydro Demolition works to the deck of an existing jetty, in preparation for the installation of new service hatches.
  • South Western Sydney Bridge Repairs
    Hitech were contracted to remove sections of concrete on a bridge in South Western Sydney.