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Coastal Bridge Bearings

Project Details

Hydro Demolition
Hitech were required to carry out hydro demolition of concrete to allow for the removal of two bridge bearings. Hydro Demolition was the method of choice assessed by Hitech’s technicians, in order to successfully make way for re-installation of bridge bearings. The concrete needed to be removed quickly and safely, whilst ensuring the structural integrity of the bridge and remaining structures which included the steel reinforcement. High-pressure water blasting was the preferred method of removal to not only meet the clients objectives but due to the restricted headroom and inability to access the rear of the bearing with jackhammers or other conventional tools. Hydro-demolition via hand lancing successfully ensured that there was no damage to the steel, safe access to the working site and no microcracking in remaining structure. Hitech utilised their King Vac 9000 to assist in the completion of the job, by collecting, removing and disposing of wastewater off-site.

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The collaboration of robotic and hand lancing is a great demonstration of the effectiveness of hydro demolition. This project required the removal of concrete from a wind turbine base to a cut depth of 900mm.

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Melbourne Wharf Deck Remediation

As part of a remediation program Hitech Industrial Services was engaged to deliver hydro demolition services using both robotic and hand lancing methods.

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