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Paint Removal For New Coating

Project Details

  • Industrial Cleaning
Hitech were required to remove approximately 200m² of paint from the inside of a concrete building, to allow for the application of an additional coating. Hitech utilized a ultra high pressure pump to prepare the surface via scarification with high pressure water. This process not only removed the paint quickly, but opened up the pours of the concrete, enabling the best type of re-bonding for the coating application.


More Projects

  • Sydney Remedial Works
    Hitech Industrial Services were required to provide specialised Hydro Demolition works of recent within Sydney to assist the Simpson Building Group
  • Western Sydney Main Water Exposure
    Hydro demolition via hand lancing was used to remove surrounding concrete in order to expose steel water main.
  • Power Station Vales Point
    Hitech was awarded a contract to carry out the removal of concrete cancer underneath a bridge at the Vales Point Power Station.