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Brisbane Legacy Way

Project Details

  • Cold Cutting

The Legacy Way project in Brisbane saw Hitech engaged in a range of services including Cold Cutting of pre stressed anchors. The method of Cold Cutting was used on this project due the anchors being injected with a highly flammable water proofing substance, this didn’t allow for the contractor to use the normal method of de stressing the anchors.

Hitech utilised its cold cutting equipment to cut through high tensile strands. There were a total of 7 cables and each cable had 7 strands which were encased in a 250mm diameter casing. All 7 cables were cut including the case all the way through whilst the cables were still stressed.


More Projects

  • Cold Cutting

    Hitech Industrial Services were contracted on a project which involved the cutting of small manholes to 52 tanks both above and below ground to enable cleaning and decommissioning.

  • Cold Cutting Mine Site

    In what is believed to be an industry first, Hitech Industrial used its leading cold cutting system to penetrate some 200 metres below ground and cut a ventilation casing at 12-metre intervals so that it could be removed.

  • Power Station Vales Point
    Hitech was awarded a contract to carry out the removal of concrete cancer underneath a bridge at the Vales Point Power Station.
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