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Kurnell Desalination Plant

Project Details

  • Surface Preparation
Hitech Industrial Services were contracted to prepare the inside surface of concrete tanks at the Kurnell Desalination Plant, to ensure the sealant applied to waterproof the tank surface had superior surface adherence characteristics. Hitech Industrial Services used Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting to scabble 2-5 mm off the concrete tank surface.

More Projects

  • Sydney Remedial Works

    Hitech successfully removed affected concrete within the structure via High Pressure Water Jetting.

  • Sydney Fish Markets
    Hitech was contracted to carry 3600m2 of surface preparation at Sydney fish markets.
  • Majura Parkway
    Hitech was awarded this project at the Majura Parkway upgrade in the ACT, due to our unrivalled robotic concrete removal rates.