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Civil Structures

Civil structure such as bridges, tunnels, culverts & rail structures are integral for transport and traffic planning.

Generally these types of structures are constructed with reinforced concrete and steel and need to be sustainable to ensure limited maintenance and repair. Rapid deterioration can occur particularly in the coastal regional of our vast country.

Hi Tech has years of experience in the repair and remediation of such structures to deliver a long term life extension with higher productivity and limited disruption.

Our capabilities

Hi Tech commits to the delivery of rapid concrete removal, remediation, surface preparation and routine maintenance across the vast array of civil industries including roads, tunnels, rail and water.

Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Concrete repair to concrete structures
  • Structural modifications where concrete is required to be cut or removed
  • Rock removal including sandstone and granite
  • Culvert maintenance
  • Hydro demolition to concrete segments in tunnels
  • Cutting of cross passages
  • Hydro surface retexturising