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Vision & Values


The values which have been the foundations for Hi Tech's success are still core to the company today. With a culture of innovation and a focus on project over-delivery, Hi Tech specialises in finding effective solutions with no surprises.

This has been possible due to dedicated staff committed to the values and reputation of Hi Tech. They have been a cornerstone for the company's growth.

Longevity: Hi Tech Industrial Services is built on foundations of quality, service, safety and responsibility for ourselves and our clients

Attitude: Our positive approach drives us forward.

Natural: We respect the water we work with and the environment around us.

Commitment: We take pride in ourselves, the equipment and customers we serve.

Enthusiasm: Our work is never only a job. We always challenge ourselves to produce exceptional results.


To build on our core services through diversity and innovation while creating awareness of the benefits of high pressure water jetting and hydro demolition.