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Hi Tech Industrial Services carried out Hydro Demolition works to the deck of an existing jetty, in preparation for the installation of new service hatches.
Removing concrete to from a clear opening of 900mmx900mm was carried out as part of Hi Tech's contract, using a diamond floor saw. Once the cut was made, prior to Hydro Demolition, Hi Tech allowed for the principle contractor to access the underside of the jetty and erect a debris catching frame, ensuring no pollutants would enter the waterway.
Following the erection of the debris and water catching frame, a further 400mm lap length was cut around the 900mmx900mm clear opening, with retention of existing reinforcement for hatch access frame incorporation into the deck reinstatement.
Hydro Demolition via the use of Hi Tech's 650 HP Pump and 256lpm, paired with our Aquacutter Robot achieved the clients desired result, completing an opening in approximately 90 minutes.