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Hi Tech Industrial Services were contracted on a project which invloved the cutting of small man holes to 52 tanks both above and below ground to enable cleaning and decommissioning. Over a period of two months with a 2-3 person field team working, the process was assessed by Hi Tech's technicians to benefit by using a cold cutting technique. This evaluation was made based on the type of highly flammable and poisonous contaminants in the tank and this method would eliminate any potential for ignition in a potentially volatile environment. The client also was required to minimise dust and debris emissions which the cold cutting process was able to fulfill. Once the man holes were cut and chemicals removed, the internal of each tank needed to be cleaned using high pressure water. Hi Tech used Cold Cutting to safely complete the job as it was the only method that did not create sparks, eliminating any explosions, fire and pollution.

Cleaned decontaminated and transported